Client:Roy Green
Date:May 14, 2014

Roy Green

Roy Green was an All-American wide receiver drafted by the Saint Louis/Phoenix Cardinals in 1979. He played with the Cardinals until 1990, then signed to the Philadelphia Eagles before retiring in 1992. He was selected twice as All Pro and played twice in the Pro Bowl.

Mr. Green received prescription pain killers without prescriptions, sometimes the pills were left in envelopes on the player’s seats for flights home from away games. Mr. Green was never informed of side-effects of the variety of drugs he was given or the effects of mixing the drugs. In his 40’s, Mr. Green had three heart attacks and two strokes, and his high blood pressure continues to be a medical concern. In November of 2012, he had a kidney transplant to replace failing kidneys.

Roy Green (All Pro, Pro Bowl, 13 Years in NFL) –“I found out that NFL doctors knew I had kidney problems, but never told me. Instead they continued giving me drugs to get me back out on the field. I have since had a kidney transplant”.