Client:JD Hill
Date:May 14, 2014

JD Hill

Buffalo Bills (1971 -1975), Detroit Lions (1975 – 1977). PRO BOWL 1972.

JD remembers tearing his groin and being injected with some pain killer before a game and playing the game with no feeling in his entire leg (numb). No one ever talked to him about any side effects or cocktailing. He remembers trainers handing out trays of pills – he said as a rookie he just took whatever the veterans were taking. In camp or away games, trainers would come to his room with pills and would ask him what he wanted. JD left the nfl ADDICTED TO PAINKILLERS. He started buying them on the street to deal with his football related pain and that led him to other street drugs. He eventually lost everything and was homeless.  He was in and out of treatment centers until he spent a full year in a Christian community and he got clean for good about 15 years ago. He is now a drug counselor for the Christian community. He was in so much pain from football injuries to his back that a doctor prescribed 200 mg pills of PREDNEZONE. His immune system was so weak this led to an absess in his lung and lung surgery. This is all after football. About 2 months ago, after noticing he was suddenly slurring his speech, a doctor realized he has AFIB and he is now on medication for that.

JD Hill (Pro Bowl, 7 years in NFL) “I was provided codeine, downers, pain killers, you name it while in the NFL. I became addicted and turned to the streets after my career and was homeless. Imagine that I was the 4th pick in the first round of the NFL draft and I was becoming addicted to drugs while in the NFL without knowing it.”