Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  What does it mean “official” Site?

A.   This site is the FIRST and ONLY site developed in conjunction with former NFL players (one of whom is counsel in this litigation) and recognized leaders in the legal community.  The media has touted this to possibly be the largest civil lawsuit in the country’s history.  This legal team with the assistance of a few brave former players identified a decades long injustice suffered by nearly all NFL players.  This site is the only site authorized by our firm and is dedicated to offering information and resources to these players.  We are the original filers on behalf of our clients for this class action and have already spent an enormous amount of resources traveling, researching and interviewing players.  Our firm is also the first known firm to not only conduct independent research but also  file on this matter entirely at our own expense.  We did so to bring justice to these NFL heroes and to change the way doctors and trainers treat the professional athlete.


Q.  Are you affiliated with or sanctioned by the NFL?

A.  No, we represent former NFL players and are not in any way affiliated with the National Foot Ball League or any particular team.


Q.  I love my team, I appreciate my fans and the support, am I suing my home team?

A.  No, the law suit is not against an individual team or owner, but against the league.  When you review the litigation filed you can determine if you believe that you have suffered the same atrocities as your fellow NFL players.  If you have any questions, it is our obligation to provide you with additional information and facts.  Feel free to speak with your former teammates that have suffered life debilitating diseases and injuries due the practices in place when you played.



Q:  Must I sign a retainer Agreement with your firm?

A.  Yes, only if you would like us to represent you in this claim.  You do not have to sign a retainer agreement with our firm if you are going to be represented by another law firm or attorney.  A written retainer agreement will give you access to our legal team comprised of a former NFL player (and now an attorney) and nationally recognized attorneys.  If you are deciding whether to select our firm as your advocate, please contact us for more information so you can make an informed decision. You can click Player Registration to get more information or to sign a retainer agreement.


Q:  I have been injured and have already filed a lawsuit against the NFL and have received compensation (or any form of settlement), can I still participate?

A:  Maybe.  We will need to review your individual circumstances but at this time we do not believe this litigation disqualifies you from participating.


Q: I am a current NFL player and would like to participate in the class action also, can I?

A: No, we are sorry but at this time, the action is only open to former players.  However, please contact us so we can discuss other options as well as ways to protect yourself from current practices.


Q:  I already have a lawyer/agent or manager should I call you?

A:  Yes, you may always call us and we will of course respect your current representation.  However, you can also have your lawyer/agent/manager contact us and we can help them help you.


Q:  Where do I register so that you can represent me and what information do I need to provide?

A:  You can register by going to http://www.nfldrugclassaction.com/player-registration or click Player Registration from any computer or device.  You will need to provide us with valid contact information and sign a retainer agreement.  We will need to verify who you are and that will entitle you to have your own dedicated attorney representative to keep you informed about the case.  After verification, we will also provide you with your own “key code” to access your information.  With strict confidentiality safeguards in place, we will not provide any personal information to the public.


Q:  Will my name or likeness be used?  In other words, are you going to exploit my name and accomplishments for your gain?

A:  Absolutely NOT!!  Unless you give us informed consent and authorization, we will not mention your name in non-legal documents or to the media.  The nature of a lawsuit is that it is public, therefore, your name will likely be a part of the case along side all of the former NFL players eligible for this case.  However, unlike some other class action firms that may use your name and career to the firm’s own benefit, we will NOT exploit your hard earned reputation!  Simply put, we respect your privacy and will honor your wishes.

If you are ready to register, please click here Player Registration to retain our firm.  If you simply want more information, you will find contact information on this page.